The MASKkap™- Alabama Football

The MASKkap™- Alabama Football

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This kap has a velcro back closure and the State of Alabama on the front.

The original, patented, worry-free MASKkap is available in a variety of colors and sizes! Whenever you plan a trip out of the house, the MASKkap ensures you've got a high-quality, comfortable face-covering anytime you need it.

And when you don't, just flip it up onto the kap! 

MASKkap is a kap attached to an adjustable mask with patented MASKkap technology. Mask flips to back of kap when not being worn on face. Mask can be removed for washing. Patent Pending Design.


  • Eliminates cross contamination of surfaces since you don’t lay your mask down.
  • Eliminates the risk of picking up someone else's contaminated mask.
  • Eliminates forgetting mask or losing it.
  • Eliminates contaminated masks being handled by cleaning staff.
  • Eliminates “ear rub” caused by masks being wrapped around ears for prolonged periods.
  • Available in several hat styles
  • Custom colors and logos available

If ordering more than 24 MASKkaps, please see our bulk ordering page for pricing.  Please contact us at to place an order using a purchase order. 


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