The new normal shouldn't be an inconvenience

When we devised the idea for the MASKkap™, it was after seeing and hearing our friends and neighbors struggle with the idea of wearing a mask while out in public.

Most said they just weren't going to do it... until they found out that they couldn't enter some of their favorite stores and restaurants without one.

Many others complained about the discomfort... rashes behind their ears, sometimes leading to broken skin.

Then there was the hassle... where did I leave my mask? What do I do with it when I'm not in a group of people? Wait... how do I even put this thing on? 

As you can see from this humorous video clip from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, it's not always obvious

MASKkap isn't here to ruin all the fun, but we do make it super easy & comfortable to wear a mask in public!

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