Restaurant re-opening guidelines and face mask requirements

The COVID-19 pandemic has literally changed the world, forcing humanity to quickly innovate and adapt so that life can go on as close to normal as possible. Here in the United States, "normal" for most people means eating out. 

According to a 2018 Zagat survey, the average American eats out 5.9 times each week; or at least they did before February, when COVID-19 started to spread across the country.

Most states are now allowing restaurants to open at reduced capacities and with new safety guidelines, meaning that owners and operators have to work quite a bit harder to provide an excellent customer experience for their diners. 

While you'll surely want to consult the websites of your state's restaurant association and local health department, the National Restaurant Association has some very good restaurant re-opening FAQs that every owner or GM should check out. One of the most polarizing aspects of the new guidelines is related to the use of face coverings, or masks.

When hosts, servers and cooks to wear masks when in the restaurant, diners gain confidence upon arrival that the restaurateur cares as much about their safety as he does the amount of money they'll spend. While "loose" masks can provide that confidence to diners, they're typically a hassle for staff to keep track of and can be a source of discomfort and pain when working longer shifts.

Baseball hats, or caps, are also commonly worn by all staff in a dining establishment (except maybe for hosts and hostesses) due to health department rules that say their hair has to be secured and out of the way. That's why our MASKkap™ is the perfect solution for restaurant staff (and owners) - it combines a comfortable cap with a unique mechanism that both comfortably holds the mask to their face when needed AND allows it be easily moved out of the way (and secured) when they don't.

At the end of the day, you need to ensure your diners and staff are safe - it's the law. Fortunately compliance can also be comfortable and convenient in this case!

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